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Family Jam Montclair is a community focused,

Music and Arts festival!

Celebrate MCPK & Montclair with a day local vendors with activities for children and families.

Hosted by

Montclair Community Pre-K, 

Montclair Center BID, Dirt & Noise and Little Nest Portraits

Fundraising will go towards organizing this community event and to fund instruments for the Performance Grove that will be a part of the new MCPK DiscoveryPlayground.



Music Line Up


 DJ James Vincent

Rockness Music

School Of Rock Montclair

The Great Bonfire

Watchung Mountain Riders

Family Jam
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Introducing the New

mcpk Discovery Playscape

 For the last year, the Montclair Community Pre-K has been working with our community on a plan to transform the 20 year old playground at the MCPK into something new and different than any other play space in this area. With input from our students, staff, families and experts in the field of inclusive, outdoor play; we are creating an innovative, natural environment that fosters imaginative play, exploration, social engagement, physical activity and a love of nature. 

 The MCPK Discovery Playscape will be both accessible and challenging for 3-to-5 year-old children at every level of physical and social development. Our goal is to go beyond the accessibility guidelines of most community playgrounds to provide a truly inclusive and meaningful play space where all children feel safe, engaged, and included.


 Building on our wonderful outdoor education and gardening program, we are extending our focus on STEAM education with six distinctive outdoor play areas (Adventure Playground, Artists Nook, Discovery Garden, Exploration Yard, Performance Grove and Edible Garden.) The Discovery Playscape will create endless opportunities for children to build, tinker, experiment and invent. They will be able to challenge themselves physically and express themselves creatively through art, music and pretend play. 

 The MCPK playground is one of the best kept secrets in town! Our playground is the only playground in the neighborhood that is designed especially for young children and their families. Outside of school hours, the playground and gardens are open to the entire community (weekdays after 6:30 pm, on weekends, and on school vacations.) 

 The MCPK is located on the corner of Church Street and Valley in the heart of Montclair Center, the township’s largest district and a major shopping area, making it an ideal meeting place for families in our community. Families will be able to combine visits to the playground with their trips to the Montclair Public Library, the Montclair Art Museum, and the dozens of shops and restaurants on Bloomfield Avenue. 

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